Improvisation and Instant Composition

Workshop | with Roberta Ricci (D/IT)  

27 Mar 2022Dance and movement

The workshop offers a space to explore the multi-faced awareness of a dancer/performer in a comprehensive and playful approach. It will provide practical and creative tools through imagination and intuition, working on how we bring our physicality into dance within a real-time composition. 

A warm up will lead into an exploration of movement qualities and dynamics, playing with natural principles in body and space, such as gravity, breath, energy flow. Integrating speed changes, textures and coordination, to create fluidity, efficiency and awareness in the movement, we will observe and rediscover our own interaction with vocabulary, timing and rhythm. 

Exploring different movement ideas, we will challenge our creativity and perception as well as the movement research. Growing from individual tuning to partnering and group work constellations, the dance composition will be what finally brings all the previously worked elements together, in a precise and playful way.

The workshop is aimed for movers ,dancers, performers and anyone interested in movement research and improvisation.


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25 €


Participation only with presentation of a vaccination or convalescence certificate. Please note that masks are compulsory in the corridors and in the lock rooms.