The Sound and the Dancing Body

With live music | with Roberta Ricci und Francesco Ghirlanda  

13 – 15 Oct 2023 | Tanzintensive 2023Dance and movement

The workshop is aimed at everybody who wishes to engage in the physical dynamics of instant composition. Exploring the immediate and complementary relationship between sound/music and dance, the participants will work on refine their sense of timing and the relationship between the movement and the sound, deepening the clarity and quality of the movement, while creating dance pieces. Accompanied by the live music by Francesco Ghirlanda (drums), the group will look how a deeper understanding of musicality in movement can lead to more clarity. Through the dialogue of sound and movement and through the active use of imagination and intuition, the participants will work on the compositional choices and learn how to use the body within different space-time frames to create choreographies and performances in “real time”.




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95 € / red. 85 €