WS 18: Space(s)

Contact Improvisation | with Urs Stauffer (Lausanne)  

08 – 09 Jun 2023 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2023Dance and movement

After the Perception Workshop, Urs Stauffer now turns the focus to space(s). What is space? What information can it contain or even transport? Every person has his or her own personal space, intangible but still existent. He invites us to open up to our spaces and to encounter it.

The workshop Space(s) ist not a jam session but rather a class format. Urs will spend time transmitting the essence and origins of the apparition of jam practices within the Contact Improvisation movement, in addition to his teaching focused on space. This transmission is aimed to address beginners as well as experimented contact improvisation practitioners.

The workshop days can also be attended separately.

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