Framing the City

Workshop | with Eva Burghardt, Elma Riza und Susanne Soldan  

Postponed | 12 – 13 Nov 2022 | Tanzintensive 2022Dance and movement

How can the city - the GRUNDstück of us all - be appropriated performatively? Referring to the video work GRUNDstück, which was created in Potsdam in the summer of 2022, Eva Burghardt, Elma Riza and Susanne Soldan combine dance and improvisation with public urban space and videography in a two-day workshop.
They give an insight into their working methods and invite you to get to know the city as an ongoing choreography and to interact with it using improvisation/instant composition tools. At the same time, a cinematic gaze will be trained.

The workshop is aimed at people interested in movement & video from the age of 16. Weather permitting, work will be done both in the studio and outside. Please bring warm and weatherproof clothing!

Price info

Price: 60 €, ermäßigt 55 €