WS 09: ADD Wake Up Class

Workshop | with Lukas Schapp  

20 May 2022 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2022Dance and movement

This workout provides a barrier-free and gentle approach to Art du Déplacement (ADD), commonly known as Parkour.

We begin with a meditation in a protected indoor space and turn to a gentle mobilization that attunes us mindfully to the encounter of simple movement challenges in the outdoor space. Finally, there is time for reflection on the inner world of experience.

In addition to teaching relaxation techniques, fascial and muscular training stimuli, we are concerned with promoting and legitimizing moving and training in public spaces.

The workshop is aimed at all those who want to experience themselves sensitively and holistically inside and outside


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Price: 12 € / red. 10 € 


The indicated price is only valid as a preregistration for the workshop. For participation without pre-registration, other prices apply, which we will communicate on request.

Admission is only possible in compliance with the applicable Covid regulations.

Before and after the workshop, the fabrik Café will offer drinks and food.