Meeting the Multiplicity

with Adi Weinberg & Cat Gerrard  

Cancelled | 21 Oct 2023 | Tanzintensive 2023Dance and movement

Join Adi Weinberg (choreographer/dancer) and Cat Gerrard (dramaturg) – from the core creative team of If The Bull Won’t Come – for an encounter with the multiplicitous materials of the piece. Often our first meeting with a performance is when the lights go down in the auditorium, when we rush to release whatever happened in our day until then and try to lean into what is beginning before us on stage. But what would happen if we could have a longer lead-in, a tune-in, a warm-up, in the way performers do? So that we could be ready to immerse ourselves and meet the performance with our whole body? Together with Adi and Cat, we will meet in the afternoon before the Saturday performance to walk the path towards the piece together. We will share three hours of opening the body, opening the senses to help us into a state of embodied listening. We will explore the movement and music languages of If The Bull Won't Come and some of the poetic spaces that will be opened in the evening. We will move in the studio and on the stage, before eating together* and entering to watch the performance with a very different state of being.

Fri 20 + Sat 21 Oct 2023, 19:30 - Performance of If The Bull Won't Come

*Please note that the meal together is at an additional cost to the ticket for the workshop or workshop/performance. 

Price info

35 € / red. 30 € (Register)
Combination ticket with performance: 40 € / 35 € (Book here)