Tango: Sacada combinations for followers and leaders

ARRABALITO | with Claudia Rogowski & Matias Facio (Berlin)  

28 Oct 2023Dance and movement

Sacadas are steps that aim into the space of the other person. They make the tango immensely dynamic. Sacadas are sure to succeed if, in addition to good alignment, both dancers are facing each other in movement and have a clear direction. It becomes exciting when several different sacadas are combined.

Claudia Rogowski discovered tango more than 15 years ago. As a physiotherapist, she has the ability to understand the different body techniques of tango and to develop a specific teaching system: simple exercises, simple movements, clear instructions. Matias Facio started dancing tango in Argentina at the age of 16. In 2002 he moved to Buenos Aires, where he became a professional. Since 2008 he has lived in Berlin, where he founded the Tanzstudio Tango Libre with Claudia Rogowski. They teach internationally as guest teachers.

Grand Tango Ball Arrabalito
With live music by Pablo Woiz Tango Quartett & Noelia Tomassi
Sat 28 Oct 2023, from 20:00, fabrik big stage


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