Senses and perception

with Anita Twarowska  

Cancelled | 14 Oct 2023Dance and movement

Anita Twarowska's workshops are aimed at all people who would like to dedicate themselves consciously to their bodies with the help of mindfulness. Experience with movement is not necessary. When you consciously look at your physical body, you can dive even deeper into your world. One gets away from thinking and into feeling. Through visualisation, self-touch and partner work, the body and its function are rediscovered and explored further. Through the joy of movement and curiosity of enquiry, an individual dance emerges naturally and intuitively. We see, hear, taste, smell and touch every day, but do we really perceive our own surroundings? We may take many things for granted and as a matter of course, or we are often overwhelmed by the inner and outer stimuli.

This workshop invites you to explore and experience the senses and their qualities more deeply in order to embody and consciously use them. Part of this workshop are free and guided body and movement explorations, as well as partnering.


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Price: 30 € / red. 27 €