Pentecost Contact Jam Potsdam 2019

with Jenny Döll, Nadja El Eid, Maria Elste, Angela Mara Florant, Marielle Gerke, Markus Hoft, Bernd Knappe, Heike Kuhlmann, Susanne Martin, Norbert Mörchen, Peter Pleyer, Ka Rustler, Elske Seidel u. v. a.  

07 – 10 Jun 2019

Music: Nathaniel Damon, Erik Thomson-Green, Barnaby Tree

On the Pentecost week-end fabrik Potsdam will once again open its beautiful spaces for 4 days to offer a broad program, including free dance, workshops, improvisation structures, meetings and exchanges about contact improvisation. All are warmly welcomed to improvise together, learn from each other and to share in the excitement and pleasure of contact improvisation. Regardless of whether or not you are an experienced dancer or an enthusiastic beginner, the space will be open to you. With a special focus on "skills for jamming", guest teachers will lead morning practices, introducing different skills necessary for a pleasant jam experience. Additionally there will be five classes and an outdoor score, as well as a lot of jamming starting with a warm up by one of the teachers. Families with kids are welcome!

REGISTRATION starts on Feb 27, 2019


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