Amélie & Nelly-Éve Rajotte (Montréal)


Studio Québec

In residency from Sept 19 to Oct 8 and from Oct 8 to Nov 19, 2017

NODE is a collaboration between choreographer and contemporary dancer Amélie Rajotte and videomaker and sound composer Nelly-Eve Rajotte. This objective of this research and creation project is to achieve an integrated articulation of the media used in their respective artistic practices: danced movement, sound, real-time video, and video mapping – the technique of projecting images onto two- or three-dimensional objects.

The two artists – who are sisters – will combine their practices to create a total work in which video is not simply a technical support but an aesthetic element that merges with the choreographic writing. The project explores the latent, unexpected, even violent loss of spatial and physical reference points, as well as the adaptation mechanisms that kick in when we face this destabilizing sensation.

The choreographer´s artistic approach

The distinctiveness of choreographer and dancer Amélie Rajotte´s work lies in her interdisciplinary, almost anthropological approach to the body and to dance. She deconstructs states of sensibility and personal and social behavior, drawing out their theatrical singularity. She is interested in the idea of an archive of the body and the artistic potential of the body to impose itself as choreographic material through movement. Questioning such phenomena, she likes to lead spectators into absurd, surrealistic worlds in which they can transpose their own stories into the body in movement.

Biography and information on other projects:

The video maker's artistic approach

Multidisciplinary artist Nelly-Ève Rajotte works at the confluence of performance, video, and installation. Nelly has gained recognition for her monumental projections, among other endeavors, and is interested in the conditions that play on the sensitivity of spectators. She investigates the relationship to space and probes the range of physical sensations and psychological states that converge in receptivity. In this sense, her work combining image and sound reflects an alternative approach to representation and experience.

OPEN STUDIO: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 18:30, fabrik Potsdam - Entrance free

Bio, excerpts of work, and other information: nellyeverajotte.com/ylo/

STUDIO QUÉBEC is a Residency program taking place in Germany and Québec enabling the exchange of choreographers. Canadian and German artists are each year invited to a working time of several weeks in the other country. STUDIO QUÉBEC is a cooperation by fabrik Potsdam, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and Goethe-Institut Montréal. With friendly support by Land Brandenburg and City of Potsdam.