Made in Potsdam 2019

09 Jan – 17 Feb 2019

MADE IN POTSDAM 2019 – local and global. With works by international artists in residence and local artists, MIP presents ideas, art forms and attitudes as well as the friction that arises from creativity and its dynamics.

Malgven Gerbes & David Brandstätter open the festival with the question of the digital environment as a culture of reinterpretation of information. In the context of a globalised world with an abundance of data, Feeding Back is an instinctive, artistic response that sets new frameworks and analyses the information society. In For The Two Of Us... Murillo Basso & Anita Twarowska place the immediate encounter at the centre of an intimate pas de deux. The result is a quiet, direct and captivating piece by two artists from very different cultural backgrounds. Yui Kawaguchi & Aki Takase, choreographer and exceptional musician from Japan, consciously confront other cultures and other art forms in Da Capo. Accompanied by the well-known French clarinettist Louis Sclavis, the Berlin DJ Illvibe and the Ghanaian dancer Kofie da Vibe, they play with falsification, clichés and exoticisation. Jazz, new music, folklore imaginaire, hip hop and electronic sounds meet and create unexpected spaces. With Raw Light, Polish dancer Anna Nowicka presents a solo journey of flickering moments that alternate between the real and the imagined and produce multi-layered qualities of movement.

For the Made in Potsdam festival, the Kunstraum is showing works by 22 artists in the exhibition Eine Frage der Zeit (A Question of Time), who have their place of creation in the Rechenzentrum and are thus part of Potsdam's art production. Le Grand Continental® can be experienced again as a film on the big screen and the video artist Oscar Loeser presents Reisende Körper im Außen, an ongoing installation with various short films.

In her award-winning debut novel Als ich mit Hitler Schnapskirschen aß, Manja Präkels tells of the disappearance of the GDR in a small-town idyll in Brandenburg, musically accompanied by the band Der singende Tresen. TRIP - Henn Miller's Music Van is a minibus music stage. For lovers of small private concerts.



Feeding Back (preview) / David Brandstätter & Malgven Gerbes (Berlin/Le Havre)
For The Two Of Us... / Murillo Basso & Anita Twarowska (Sao Paolo/Potsdam)
Raw Light / Anna Nowicka (Berlin/Warschau)
Da Capo (German premiere) / Yui Kawaguchi & Aki Takase (Berlin)


Eine Frage der Zeit / exhibition of the art and creative house Rechenzentrum
Le Grand Continental - the film
Reisende Körper im Außen / short films by Oscar Loeser


TRIP – Henn Miller's Music Van
Manja Pränkels & Der Singende Tresen / Reading with musical accompaniment


All formats of the series