Big HavelHop Ball

With Showprogramm | Savoy Satellites / DJ Mr. HavelHop  

11 May 2024 | HavelHop 2024Party with live music

The Great HavelHop Ball is a special experience every year. The more than 200 participants of the HavelHop workshop are already well danced in and our international top teachers show their skills in a small show. In addition, our terrific live band SAVOY SATELLITES will play once again and DJ Mr. HavelHop will ensure a full dance floor during the band breaks. Swing is the music of the 30s and 40s, when jazz was still pop, when movies were black and white and life was colorful.  The Savoy Ballroom remains the symbol of the swing era and a place where people could dance and celebrate together – regardless of their origin.  Since 2012, the Savoy Satellites have been touring mainly in Berlin and Germany – mostly as a quartet or as All Stars in an octet.  The Savoy Satellites have and keep you in a good mood. They play energetic rhythms for Lindy Hop lovers.  The octet around singer Siri Svegler brings the songs of Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman back to life. The Savoy Satellites play swing at its finest – positive escapism for pleasure-seekers.

Price info Ticket

Advance sale: 25 € / Evening box ofice: +2 €
Party Pass: 40 €