Open Space – What is enough?

Walk and Open Space with Brunch  

11 Sep 2022 | Kunst und Klima 2022Talk

10:00 Walk as an introduction to the Open Space / With Susanne Schmitt

This walk explores haptics and tactility - facets of the sense of touch - as we encounter the plant world on a playful walk with little human language from the Small Palace in Park Babelsberg to the festival grounds. Plants experience complex worlds of light and shadow, vibration, temperature, touch and gravity as well as chemical stimuli. When we explore them, we find archived in their form and bodies snapshots of complex choreographies of their peculiar forms of movement - growth and decay. The traces of past encounters are inscribed in them. We will play with embodied propositions stimulated by such encounters. "A Moving Map of Magic Circles" will lead participants on a course of encounters with plants that intersect and re-emerge, that close and reopen, and that invite sensory shifts and perceptual experiments.
Dr. Susanne Schmitt is a cultural anthropologist and sensory ethnographer, interdisciplinary artist and facilitator. Her work focuses on creative collaborations under the label "art meets science". She is a fellow at the Institute for Transformative Sustainability Research (IASS) in Potsdam and is currently accompanying the research project "Touching". She is currently providing artistic support for the research project "Touching Plants" at the Free University of Berlin.

11:00 Open Space with Brunch: Sufficiency - What is enough?

The festival cordially invites you to the Open Space with Brunch. Based on the idea of a shared space, this invitation is at the same time an invitation to share projects and ideas, thoughts and wishes, an invitation to inspire and be inspired, an invitation to get into conversation, to seek exchange, to think further. Climate change needs every day anew the desire to shape our future, to create change and to learn that sometimes less is more than it seems at first glance.
Invited is everyone who wants to do just that together with others: Interested people, artists, scientists, activists ...


Price info

Participation free of charge.
Please register under sabine.chwalisz@fabrikpotsdam.de

Meeting point for the walk is at the Small Palace in Babelsberg Park, then the walk goes to the fabrik Potsdam.
After the walk the open space "Sufficiency: what is enough?" takes place at fabrik Potsdam.