Formas Breves is an imaginary place where the improbable meeting of two mythical artists takes place.

Formas Breves

Dancing future – 100 years of Bauhaus | Lia Rodrigues  

15 – 16 May 2019 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2019Dance / performance

Formas Breves is an imaginary place where the improbable meeting of two mythical artists takes place: Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943), co-founder of the Bauhaus, and Italo Calvino (1923-1985), one of the greatest names in Italian literature. Together they share a common reflection on humankind and its future and an exploration of the structures behind artistic creation. Schlemmer dealt with the relationship of the body to geometry and space; Calvino with the structure of the text.
"The various sequences in this piece are characterised by a perfect balance between rest and movement (...): it is an overwhelming and possibly unrepeatable demonstration of what the body is and what it is capable of. Lia Rodrigues stays very close to Oskar Schlemmer thanks to the rigour, restraint and clarity of her Formas Breves..." (Jochen Schmidt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Avignon, 2 August 2002).
Formas Breves premiered in 2002 and was first presented at fabrik Potsdam in 2004. On the occasion of the Bauhaus year, Lia Rodrigues presents the piece for the first time in 10 years.


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Advance booking: 20 € / 9 € / tanzcard, ViP-Abo 16 €
Evening box office: 21 € / 9 € / tanzcard, ViP-Abo 17 €



Creation and management: Lia Rodrigues
Original cast: Amália Lima, Allyson Amaral, Gustavo Barros, Ana Paula Kamozaki, Leonardo Nunes, Thais Galliac, Calixto Neto, Carolina Campos, Volmir Cordeiro, Priscila Maia, Lidia Larangeira, Clarissa Rego, Gabriele Nascimento, Jeane de Lima, Luana Bezerra
Dramaturgy: Silvia Soter
Co-Direction: Marcela Levi
Collaboration: Marcela Levi, Micheline Torres, Jamil Cardoso, Amália Lima, Marcele Sampaio, Ana Carolina Rodrigues
Light: Milton Giglio
Music: Fahrenheit 303 - Orbital
Photos: Lucia Helena Zaremba, Sammi Landweer
Co-production: Culturgest/Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Lisbon, 2002
An event by fabrik moves gUG in cooperation with fabrik Potsdam / Potsdamer Tanztage 2019. Funded by the Bauhaus heute Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation within the framework of 100 years Bauhaus, the state capital Potsdam and the state of Brandenburg. With friendly support of the Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse.