Bock. Männer und Sex.

2G Plus | Katja Lewina (Potsdam)  

17 Feb 2022 | Made in Potsdam 2022Reading

What is wrong with men? What do they really want? To find out, you need guys who talk straight. And Katja Lewina, who talks to them about their masculinity, about their lust and their bedtime stories, their complexes and fears. Women cannot fight for the end of patriarchy alone. That's why it's high time for this book, which shatters stereotypes and points out alternatives... Katja Lewina was born in Moscow in 1984, studied Slavic studies as well as literature and religious studies. She worked as a freelance editor and in artist management. Today she is a freelance author for well-known media. Her book Sie hat Bock (2020) was published by DuMont.

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The reading takes place in cooperation with the Viktoriagarten bookshop.