A geometric body made of long bamboo poles. Held by tension belts. At first sight not to grasp...

101 Concrete

Steven Koglin, Lukas Schapp, Jonas Zeidler & Benjamin Schultz (Potsdam)  

19 – 20 Feb 2022 | Made in Potsdam 2022Performance

Steven Koglin and Lukas Schapp have been running the Potsdam in Bewegung Academy since 2014, which teaches parkour, slackline and movement in urban space. In their first own artistic production, they combine elements from architecture, music and art du déplacement and explore the question of how risk is a question of perspective. They create their own stage space: a structure of bamboo poles, musical and physical interactions. From different perspectives and levels, they enter into a relationship with this constantly changing space. They shape it, reinterpret it, are in dialogue with it and themselves, come into play with each other, grow with each other... Always accompanied by the question: When to take the plunge?


Price info Ticket

Advance booking: 8 € / red. 4 € / tanzcard 6 €
Evening box office: 9 € / red. 4 € / tanzcard 7 €

Advance tickets (except festival pass) are valid as a ticket for public transportation for one person for the Berlin ABC area (Berlin/Potsdam) two hours before the start of the event and until 3:00 a.m. the following day.

Admission is only possible in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene rules. The event will take place under the application of the 2G regulations: Admission only with presentation of a valid vaccination or convalescence certificate (exception: children up to the 14th birthday). Tests are not accepted (exception: young people up to the 18th birthday). Please note that masks are compulsory during the entire event and that contact tracing is compulsory.

Due to the 2G status check, we kindly ask you to be on site early, preferably 40 minutes before the start of the show.



Project coordination/Choreography/Performance: Steven Koglin & Lukas Schapp
Stage design: Jonas Zeidler
Music/sound design: Benjamin Schulz
Documentation: Edgar Kutschera
Mentoring: accompaniment of the project development by Clément Layes
With the kind support of the state capital Potsdam and the fabrik Potsdam as part of the programme Artists in Residence.
Duration: 60 minutes

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK Guest performance funding dance, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, as well as the Ministries of Culture and the Arts of the Länder.