Jazzoffensive #7

News of the World  

10 – 11 Sep 2021 | Jazz festivalOpen air concerts

The 7th edition of Jazzoffensive announces "news of the world"!
A choir that uses noise and movement to explore the origins of song and voice, one of the most famous trombonists in European jazz, a French-Polish folk band with a love of free jazz and more international musicians come together on two open air stages at  fabrik and Waschhaus. Jazzoffensive #7 – NEWS OF THE WORLD is all about sharing musical stories. These are of course shaped by the experiences of the past year and a half, but above all they tell of the diversity and joie de vivre that is jazz not only in the year 2021.

Project Phil Minton's Feral Choir: Call for singers!
In his open workshop on Thu 9 and Fri 10 Sept, Phil Minton offers to make your own voice sound new and unusual. Participants can expect an exciting rehearsal period in which they can experience their voice in a new way. The culmination will be a performance on Sat 11 Sept 2021.
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Friday Sep 10, 2021, 20:00

Lumpeks (Poland/France) 
Alexander Hawkins/Angelika Niescier Duo (UK/Germany) 

Saturday Sep 11, 2021, 19:00

Phil Minton's Feral Choir (UK) 
Tres Testosterones (aka Hang Em High)  (Austria/Switzerland/Poland) 
Nils Wogram/Bojan Z Duo (Switzerland/France) 



Lumpeks is a polish slang word for second hand shop for clothes. The music of this band takes its source as well from melodies which belongs to unknown owners. From this anonymous legacy, Lumpeks is inventing a musical  encounter between traditional music from Poland and jazz idioms: hypnotic rythms from mazurkas meet the powerful expressivity of the free jazz and the sinous melodies of the obereks find a new enlightment with this orchestration.
Louis Laurain: trumpet / Pierre Borel: alto saxophone / Olga Kozieł: voice and percussion / Sébastien Beliah: double bass
Homepage / Youtube

Alexander Hawkins and Angelika Niescier met at the Jazzfest Berlin. Niescier had just been awarded the Albert Mangelsdorff Prize in Berlin, the most important jazz award in Germany. Hawkins was fascinated by Niescier's saxophone playing, and the latter in turn was enthusiastic about her music. They stand on equal ground. Both have their roots in jazz, both love the jazz avant-garde of an Ornette Coleman or Cecil Taylor. Two technically skilled instrumentalists with a sparkling temperament, drive and a love of experimentation.
Alexander Hawkins: Piano Homepage / Youtube
Angelika Niescier: Soprano and alto saxophone Homepage / Youtube

Phil Minton's Feral Choir project is a series of vocal workshops with non-professionals, leading up to performances. It originated in the late 1980’s when Minton was asked to do some workshops with ‘non-singers’ in the Musik Centrum Stockholm. The success of these led him to develop the idea further. The choir consists of a three day workshop and performance, not only for singers but for anyone who takes a delight in the freedom to experiment. Phil Minton is a singer of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation music who began as a jazz trumpeter. As a vocalist, he is considered a force to be reckoned with in the free improvisation scene, with "sheer unbelievable and uncanny sounds for which there is nothing comparable far and wide" (Bert Noglik).
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The energetic trio Tres Testosterones (aka Hang Em High) is not lacking in self-confidence: "Call it low western rock ambient jazz punk with live electronics - whatever...HANG EM HIGH that's what we call it", says the band, which recently changed its name to Tres Testosterones. If you think it's three macho men talking, you're way off. With Bond (2-string slide bass), Alfred Vogel (drums and percussion) and Lucien Dubuis (tenor saxophone, bass and contrabass clarinet), there are extremely versatile and experimental exceptional musicians at work. Vogel describes their art as follows: "For me, this band expresses everything I love about music: from Led Zeppelin to Ornette Coleman to Shostakovich ... and if David Lynch heard us live - we would be his next soundtrack."
Bass, Electronics: Bond / Bass & Contrabass Clarinets, Tenor Sax: Lucien Dubuis / Drums, Percussion: Alfred Vogel / Fender Rhodes, Electronics: Ståle Storløkken
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Nils Wogram and Bojan Z. (Bojan Zulfikarpasic) met for the first time at the french/german festival Jazz D'Or in 2012. What started as a loose project developed into a long term cooperation. Both musicians contribute their original compositions to this duo. A mix of jazz roots stuff, influences from the balkan, elements from rock/pop and contemporary classical music. Music with a strong rhythmic sense and full of atmosphere. Housewarming (2016) is the duo's first recording. They meet each other not only with an irrepressible desire to make music together. "I don't know any other trombonist who plays with such rhythmic power as Nils," enthuses Zulfikarpasic. It speaks for this togetherness that Wogram says exactly the same about the pianist.
Trombone: Nils Wogram / Piano: Bojan Zulfikarpasic
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One day ticket on Sep 10: Advance booking 24 €, red. 12 € 
One day ticket on Sep 11: Advance booking 30 €, red. 15 € 
Festival ticket: Advance booking 45 €, red. 25 €
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An event of fabrik Potsdam in cooperation with Waschhaus. With friendly support by the City of Potsdam.