Eine Evolutionsreise durch die Geschichte der Welt

explore and dance – Choreografic explorations for home | Lea Martini & Dennis Deter  

11 Jun – 31 Jul 2020 | Explore dance – Dance for young audience Young dance

How can movements be generated through inspiring content? What are scores and how is a dance rhythm generated? The explore dance choreographers develop accompanying material for their pieces in the form of instructions for you to try out at home. Learn to experiment with choreographic tools and experience in a playful way what it is like to work artistically with the medium of dance. Where does simple movement end and where does dance begin? - Try it out! And if you don't want to practice alone, make a digital appointment with your friends, send each other your results and afterwards exchange ideas and creative individual implementation in a video conference.

The tasks are also aimed at parents and teachers who would like to bring some movement into the everyday life of the family or into digital lessons.



Take off your shoes and dance through the history of the world! Lea and Dennis travel with you through water, air and earth! Suddenly you can become as tiny as a cell, as heavy as an elephant or maybe as colourful as a bird. Travel with them through the universe and discover what you can be!

Take pictures of your voyage of discovery and send them to us at info@explore-dance.de. We are looking forward to your different ways of expression!

Lea Martini studied contemporary dance and choreography in Arnhem at ArtEZ and in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development. She is part of the White Horse collective and the performance group Deter/Müller/Martini. Current choreographic activities include the transdisciplinary piece Tanzplage, the Performance Lecture Bacteria and the collaboration with the choreographer Akiles the pain project. In various contexts Lea gives workshops or is involved in dance projects with and for children and young people (HOUSE CLUB HAU, TuSch, University of Frankfurt). As co-choreographer of the opera Hesch Affekte at the Theater Freiburg, she worked with seventy fourth-graders*. At the season opening 2017/18 of the Dampfzentrale Bern, a piece for amateur dancers, she was rehearsal director and co-choreographer.

Dennis Deter was born in Berlin and lives and works as a dramaturg, choreographer and performer. He studied philosophy and modern German literature at the Free University of Berlin and is interested in football as an improvisational performance. He has worked with various artists such as Gui Garrido, Begüm Erciyas and the White Horse collective. He has been touring Europe for six years with the international performance band John The Houseband and plays bass in the post-punk trio Kala Brisella. Since 2003 Dennis has worked closely with Anja Müller. His last work Blow Boys Blow celebrated its premiere in February 2016 at the Tanzfabrik Berlin and was performed again at the Tanznacht Berlin 2018.