Between television ballet, fan dance, soldiers' parade and techno music, she creates a glittering world as a bridge to an unknown country.

North Korea Dance

Video projection in the fabrikgarten & online on Youtube | Eun-Me Ahn (Seoul)  

26 May 2021 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2021Dance / performance

To kick off the Potsdamer Tanztage 2021, the fabrik Potsdam invites you to North Korea Dance, a piece by South Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn. At the same time, the piece can be experienced both open-air as a video projection in the fabrik garden and online on YouTube. Festival director Sven Till will open the evening with an introduction together with Eun-Me Ahn.

Eun-Me Ahn loves glitter. In North Korea Dance, colourful costumes, kitsch, and cheerful people invite the audience on a journey through a very personal appropriation of the dance tradition of North Korea. For the last 68 years, both parts of the “ Land of the Morning Calm" have been separated and little is known about the development of dance in the northern part of the country. But the Internet is full of pictures of mass events with hundreds of children and adults performing colourful spectacles with indestructible smiles. Eun-Me Ahn approaches this tradition in her own way and tries to build a bridge to it. Between television ballet, fan dance, soldiers' parades, and techno music, she creates a glittering world in which entertainment and real joy, international understanding and the pleasure of dance mix and transform.

“As a choreographer, I have a pure desire to know how movement has developed over 60 years within a completely different ideology. Of course, there are some obvious differences, but probably also some commonalities between Northern and Southern dance. All citizens hope for peace between the two countries. Maybe now is the time to try to know each other a little better.” Eun-Me Ahn


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Admission free.

Youtube: klick here to the stream

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Choreography and artistic direction: Eun-Me Ahn
Music: Young-Gyu Jang
Lighting design: Jinyoung Jang
Video: Jinwon Lee
Video recording: Jiwoong Nam
Stage, costumes and stage design: Eun-Me Ahn
Dance: Eun-Me Ahn, Jihye Ha, Hyekyoung Kim, Jeeyeun Kim, Eisul Lee, Donghun Go, Youngmin Jung, Seunghae Kim, Hyunwoo Nam, Sihan Park, Juyoung Shim
Production: Eun-Me Ahn Company
Co-production: Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris
This guest performance was made possible by: Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Arts Management Service and Center Stage Korea
With the support of: Arts Council Korea, Dancers' Carreer Development Center
Duration: approx. 75 minutes