Arbeiten der Gruppe Laboratorium (Potsdam)  

16 Jan – 02 Feb 2020 | Made in Potsdam 2020Exhibition

Opening Thu Jan 16 20:00 / Exhibition Fri Jan 17 – Sun Feb 02 2020 (Wed-Sun), 13:00-18:00

Laboratorium is an interdisciplinary group with its own studio in freiLand Potsdam, which was founded in 2011. Here visual, performing and musical artists work and design side by side and together. The title bako is derived from the exciting pair LEIB (BAUCH) and KOPF. The artists are looking for art that gradually emerges by hand in an intuitively grasping, creative process. The suspiciously intuitive blind flight drives the actual creative process forward. The exhibition consciously aims to complement the conceptual overhang of contemporary art production with a bodily, sensual process that also knows how to convince sensually and aesthetically.

With works by Detlef Birkholz, Lydia Müller, Joschua Pleep, Heiko Wennesz and guests.


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Free admission.