"This constant alternation between light and dark, reality and dream, between vision and delusion, makes up a large part of the appeal of the novel and the staging." PNN, Dec 12, 2018

The Mines of Falun by E.T.A. Hoffmann

Ton und Kirschen Wandertheater  

07 – 10 Nov 2019Drama

An event that took place in the Swedish copper mine of Falun inspired many German romantics. A miner was buried in the mine one day before his wedding. Fifty years later his body was found intact in the mine. Only the bride of the deceased, who had grown old in the meantime, recognized him.

E. T. A. Hoffmann transformed this material into a short novel in 1819. The Romantic artists, to whom E.T.A. Hoffmann belonged, can be counted among the inventors of psychoanalysis. The realm of the unconscious and the dream was the realm of creativity. Therefore, their pieces, their literature, their poetry, their music, their painting also largely act at night and at dusk.

This narrative emphasizes the threat of the mine as a real, dangerous and mysterious place. The theatre group Ton und Kirschen shows in this production the metaphysical dimension of the story - the play with reality, dream, fantasy and melancholy. It breaks down boundaries and opens a gate into the infinite depths of the unconscious.



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Price group C
Advance booking: 20 € / red. 9 € / ViP-Abo 16 €
Evening box office: 21 € / red. 9 € / ViP-Abo 17 €




Directed by: Margarete Biereye and David Johnston
In collaboration with the actors: Margarete Biereye, Thalia Heninger, David Johnston, Rob Wyn Jones, Nelson Leon, Dominique Prié, Daisy Watkiss
Stage design and light: Daisy Watkiss
Constructions: Regis Gergouin, Nelson Leon, Daisy Watkiss
Touring management: Catherine Launay
Ton und Kirschen Wandertheater would like to thank the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Culture and the Potsdam/Mittelmark Cultural Office for their support.
Duration: approx. 60 minutes