Pulsar Trio / J.S.Krach & Ohrcester (Potsdam)

Progressive Jazz, worldbeats, progressive rock, punk  

14 Dec 2023Concert

A genre-fluid evening at the fabrik Potsdam with the bands Pulsar Trio and J.S.Krach/Ohrcester.

Pulsar Trio is driving, pulsating, vital. Refined rhythms, free improvisation and pieces whose melodies have the makings of catchy tunes. Seemingly contradictory instruments such as sitar, piano and drums not only create a new kind of sound space, but also a groovy fusion of free jazz thinking and original world beats.

J.S.Krach/Ohrcester is a conglomeration of progressive rock, abstract and political poetry and punk. However, Ostrockalgic coleslaw, metal, maths and seagulls also make an appearance. There is only one thing left to say: Oh J S KRACHTt.

In front of fabrik: (K)ein Weihnachtsmarkt
Thu 07 – Sat 09 + Thu 14 – Sat 16 Dec / 17:00 to 24:00
Open air and for free


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Price group D
Advance booking : 16 € / red. 8 €
Evening box office: 17 € / red. 8 €