Michel Decar (Berlin)  

16 Nov 2023 | Wort(g)arten 2023Reading

László Carassin has been unsuccessful for years. He has never earned money with his poems, but then he is awarded the Sparkasse Art Prize. When the award ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg turns into a farce, László decides to hang up his old life that very evening and start over in a big way with the 7,500 euros in prize money. What follows is a never-ending journey, a search for identities and life plans that have only one thing in common: their reliable failure. László tries his hand as a capitalist on the Bulgarian Riviera, as an early retiree on Lake Balaton, as a great artist in Nicosia and as an unconditional lover in Odessa. With László Carassin, Michel Decar gives us one of the most stirring literary figures since Holden Caulfield. Finally, someone is suffering, loving, loitering and lusting again until the bittersweet end – and with an unconditional belief in life.

Michel Decar, born in Augsburg in 1987, is an author and director. He wrote the novels Tausend deutsche Diskotheken (2018) and Die Kobra von Kreuzberg (2021), numerous radio plays for Deutschlandfunk Kultur as well as plays for Schauspiel Frankfurt, Residenztheater Munich and Thalia Theater Hamburg.


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