Zeiten der Langeweile

Jenifer Becker (Berlin)  

05 Oct 2023 | Wort(g)arten 2023Reading

Mila, thirty, goes offline. The fear of public visibility is suddenly too great. Every deleted trace on the net is an act of liberation, but at the same time Mila can't convince herself that the new yoga routine is more fulfilling than the morning smartphone check. The nostalgically rediscovered boredom quickly turns into deep loneliness. She no longer shares her life, but no one really shares it with her now that her lifestyle has more in common with Emily Dickinson's than that of her old friends. But the urge to reach the weightless state of complete disappearance becomes more and more obsessive. The debut of a voice that describes our world with hypnotic accuracy and subtly plays with the longing for freedom.

Jenifer Becker, born in 1988, works as an author, cultural scientist and visual artist. She studied Creative Writing at the Literaturinstitut Hildesheim, where she has been teaching and researching since 2015. In her work, she deals with ambivalences of digital cultures. She lives in Berlin. Zeiten der Langeweile (2023) is her first novel.


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