Breathing is not just breathing...

The Breathshow

Maren Strack (Birkenwerder)  

07 – 09 Dec 2023Dance / performance

"Breathing is not just breathing…" says the artist Maren Strack, and presents a performance of electronically amplified breathing sound waves in different variations and modulations. A bandoneon costume winds around her body as an inner breathing column, extending the air sounds into the tonal range, move by move. The choreography increases to a fast beat for a danced staccato solo. It ends abruptly, frozen in a shock-frozen gesture; until new waves of breath bring everything back into motion. The Breathshow – these are astonishing images, breath aesthetics. And an intimate invitation, because breathing reflects the self.

After the performance on Fri Dec 8: talk with the artists


Price info Ticket

Price group D
Advance booking : 16 € / red. 8 €
Evening box office: 17 € / red. 8 €

Abo 3xTanz: 28 € / three performances



Performance, concept: Maren Strack
Artistic direction: Johan Lorbeer
Sound direction: Kerstin Lücker
Stage design: Peter Friedrich
Control and technology: Finn Haag / Lichtblick Bühnentechnik
Lighting concept: Fabian Bleisch
Production dramaturgy: Mario Stumpfe
Photos: Uwe Arens
Many thanks to: Bandonion & Concertinafabrik Klingenthal, Akkordeonwerkstatt Andreas Sommer, Akkordeon-Fachwerkstatt Alexander Skripnik, Die Akkordeonwerkstatt / Andreas Schertel. Supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg
Duration: 45 minutes