Prisma (7+)

Rotem Weissman (Berlin)  

19 Nov 2023 | Explore dance – Dance for young audience Young dance

As a symbol for the diversity of perceptions, the collective around Rotem Weissman deals with the effect of prisms. These alter the paths of light, scatter information in a variety of ways, and always bring with them a spark of magic. The children’s diversity of interpretation is to be equally stimulated and explored in this piece. Like daydreams, situations and objects are decoupled from their meaning and new connections are created. The resulting worlds are experienced, discussed and shared together.

Pop Ups in Schools (closed event): Thu 16 + Fri 17 Nov 2023


Price info Ticket

Advance booking: 13 € / reduced 6 €
Box office: 14 € / reduced 6 €
Schools: 4 €

Abo 3xTanz: 28 € / three performances



Choreography: Rotem Weissman
Concept and dance: Rotem Weissman, Jin Lee, Jihun Choi
Music: Tai Rona
Costumes: U. Kaiju and Lai
Outside Eye and mediation: Susanne Schneider
Expert: Ceren Oran
Photos: Mehmet Vanli
Duration: 40 minutes