Jazzoffensive – Once upon a string

Nout / Quique Sinesi & Fabiana Striffler / Širom / Barry Guy & Maya Homburger  

02 – 03 Dec 2023 | Jazz festivalConcerts

2023 is a special year for Jazzoffensive. For the first time, there will be a cooperation with the Brandenburg State Music Council. The selection concerts of the Jazz Youth Competition will take place before the evening concerts. The festival will actively promote young talent in Brandenburg jazz. For the winners it is then: off to the nationwide Jugend jazzt competition!

In the evening, for the first time, the Jazz Offensive will focus on one instrument group: string instruments. Musicians will tell colourful and diverse stories of our time. 


Saturday, 02 December 2023 / fabrik Potsdam
Morning: Jugend jazzt competition
19:30 Nout / Quique Sinesi & Fabiana Striffler Duo / Širom

Sunday, 03 Dec 2023 / French Church Potsdam
16:00 Barry Guy and Maya Homburger Duo

Nout (France)
The lively female trio Nout from France makes a stop at the Jazzoffensive during their big European tour. Nout explores a universe somewhere between Sun Ra, Nirvana and John Zorn with a dash of prog rock. Their music is like the three musicians themselves: colourful, infectious and humorous. The instrumentation is breathtakingly unique: harp, flute and drums. And that in jazz! Nout turns this rare instrumentation on its head and our listening habits along with it. Delphine Joussein, Rafaëlle Rinaudo and Blanche Lafuente aim to push their instruments to their limits with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist in front of his vials. The trio was recently awarded the Zenith Award 2023-2024. www.gigantonium.com/nout

Quique Sinesi & Fabiana Striffler Duo (Argentina/Germany)
Argentinian guitar virtuoso and Latin Grammy winner Quique Sinesi meets violinist Fabiana Striffler. Quique Sinesi is known to the Potsdam audience from his many years of collaboration with Pablo Ziegler, the legendary pianist of Astor Piazzolla. Fabiana Striffler has collaborated with numerous artists, such as The Notwist and the guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. The two musicians dream-dance on the border paths between world jazz, tango and folk. This duo proves once again how different generations inspire each other. www.quiquesinesi.com / www.fabianastriffler.com

Širom (Slovenia)
Iztok Koren and Samo Kutin play a trance-like music on a variety of wood percussion instruments, banjo and more. Singer and violinist Ana Kravanja moves in this flow of sounds and rhythms, setting intricate melodic accents and impulses. Sometimes meditative, then again intoxicatingly dynamic and absolutely danceable, Širom plays an acoustic avant-garde folk-jazz. The trio has already caused a sensation at the famous Moers Festival. Since then Širom has had a remarkable career with concerts and festivals all over Europe. www.siromband.si

Barry Guy & Maya Homburger Duo (Ireland/Switzerland)
On Sunday afternoon, the Swiss baroque violinist Maya Homburger and the Irish double bass player Barry Guy will conclude the Jazz Offensive in the French Church. Barry Guy is one of the most influential musicians, composers and improvisers of his generation. He became known through the London Jazz Composers Orchestra he founded, his collaboration with film composer Michael Nyman, as well as formations with Evan Parker, Marilyn Crispell and Kronos Quartet. Maya Homburger is a renowned baroque violinist and music producer with her own label, Maya Recordings. She is particularly dedicated to the historical performance practice of baroque music. Original compositions, pieces from the classical repertoire and improvisations will be performed. On this Advent afternoon, the Jazzoffensive especially invites families to attend the final concert of the Jazzoffensive 2023. www.mayarecordings.com


Price info Ticket

Sat: 30 €, red. 15 €
Sun: 20 €, red. 9 €
Festival pass: 40 €, red. 20 €
Competitition Jungend jazzt: Admission free of charge
Evening box office + 1 €



The Jazzoffensive festival is supported by the state capital Potsdam. The Landesjugend jazzt competition takes place in cooperation with the Brandenburg State Music Council.