Inspired by music and stories, children immerse themselves in different worlds.

Creative dance for kids (4+)

with Odile Seitz / Birte Hendricks  

Wed 15:30 - 16:30 | Kids and young dancers

This course offers a space in which children aged 4 to 6 have the opportunity to move in different ways. This age is not yet that of learning a dance technique and defining possible dance steps, but a wonderful time to explore movement freely and without judgement. With the help of materials such as balls, fabrics, scarves, swimming noodles etc., different qualities of movement are experienced. The children learn to orientate themselves in space, to move with others, to perceive and appreciate differences. These aspects support their motor skills as well as their cognitive and emotional abilities. The children are encouraged in their mobility and creativity.

This course is led by the two dance teachers Birte Hendricks and Odile Seitz, who incorporate elements of the Body-Mind Centering ® (BMC) method and Contact Improvisation in their work. Odile has been offering BMC for adults and families at the fabrik for years. Together Odile and Birte offer the course "Baby let's dance".
This new course is a good opportunity for babies and children who have already danced with their parents to continue this experience as a "big child" who "goes dancing alone". Newcomers are of course very welcome!


Price info

Course ticket 1 (1 course / week): 46 € / red. 40 € / up to 19 yrs 34 € monthly
Course card 2
(2 courses / week): 69 € / red. 57 € / up to 19 yrs 46 € monthly
Course card 3+
(as many courses as you like): 80 € / red. 69 € / up to 19 yrs 57 € monthly
10 course card
(4 months, all courses): 149 € / red. 129 € / up to 19 yrs. 99 €
Tryout session:
7 €
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Trials only possible on the first Monday of the month.