A Boutique Music Festival curated by CEEYS
Event cancelled

03 – 05 Apr 2020

Lost in Formation

KOMBINAT kombiniert Tanz und Film (Potsdam)
Event cancelled

17 – 19 Apr 2020

Explore dance – Network dance for young audience / TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund
Von Hier Nach Dort (6+)

Lee Méir & André Lewski (D/IL)

23 – 26 Apr 2020


Programme Information

Dear dancers, dear audience,

In view of the risk of spreading and infection by the corona virus, the protection of our guests, dance teachers, artists and employees is a priority for us. In addition to the decisions that each individual can and must make for him/herself and his/her relatives, we see it as our responsibility to adapt our programme accordingly and, under certain circumstances, to postpone or even cancel events altogether.

We will inform you promptly on our homepage about possible changes to the programme and will orientate ourselves to the current recommendations and official decisions.

Currently the following events are cancelled or postponed:

- all events until 3 May 2020
- all classes and workshops until 19 April 2020
- update about the festival Potsdamer Tanztage will be released on 06 April 2020

Of course fabrik Potsdam and the artists would be very grateful if you would renounce to a refund of your tickets out of solidarity!

However, should you decide for a refund of your tickets, please contact:
- for tickets purchased online via Reservix: 01806 700 733 or tickets@reservix.de
- for tickets purchased at a ticket agency: to the respective ticket agency
- for tickets purchased at the fabrik Potsdam: tickets@fabrikpotsdam.de

We recommend: Stay at home if you have flu symptoms and wash your hands regularly (sing "Happy Birthday" at least 30 seconds or three times).


Dancing strengthens the immune system whether alone or with others!

The team of the fabrik Potsdam

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