Lessons for Cadavers

Michelle Moura (Berlin)  

26 Jan 2024 | Made in Potsdam 2023Dance / performance

Three people move around the stage in a grotesque dance of emotions ranging from panic and astonishment to violence and fragility. Lessons for Cadavers is inspired by the physical language of horror – its exaggeration and hyperbole – to reflect the attitude of the living. Death here is a magical and grotesque realm inhabited by strange life forms - a zone of transformation. The political struggles of recent years in Brazil, in which the extreme right uses fear as a weapon to dominate bodies, hearts and minds, were an important background for Michelle Moura, who herself comes from Brazil. She dissects how imprisonment in a necropolitical system can turn people into the living dead.

Followed by an audience discussion

A co-production of fabrik Potsdam as part of Étape Danse - European residency programme


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Price group D
Advance booking: € 16 / red. € 8
Box office: 17 € / red. 8 €

Festival pass Made in Potsdam: 30 € / red. 15 €



With: Clarissa Rêgo, Jorge De Hoyos, Michelle Moura
Conception, choreography and artistic direction: Michelle Moura
Dramaturgy and assistant choreography: Maikon K
Music and sound: Kaj Duncan David
Lights and scenography: Annegret Schalke
Costumes and makeup: Thelma Bonavita
Artistic collaboration: Nina Krainer
Seamstress: Luciana Imperiano
Production management: ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro
International distribution: Something Great
Acknowledgments to Mateusz Szymanówka, Atalya Tirosh, Elisabete Finger, Nics Kort, Annette David, Nina David
Production: Michelle Moura
Co-production: Sophiensæle, deSingel, Something Great. Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe & Fonds Darstellende Künste with the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the Neustart Kultur program
With the support of fabrik Potsdam – Etape Danse network, the French Institute of Germany – Theater and Dance Office, La Maison CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie, Théâtre de Nîmes, Mosaico Danza – Interplay Festival Turin, Ministry of Culture – DGCA, Landeshauptstadt Potsdam, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Lavanderia a Vapore Torino and Koda Kultur Résidences at PACT Zollverein, fabrik Potsdam and Théâtre de Nîmes
Dauer: 55 Min.