Come closer, get in there!

Ein Stück vom Glück

Theatergruppen des Offenen Kunstvereins Potsdam  

15 – 18 Nov 2019Young theater

Come closer, get in there!
Turn the wheel of fortune, visit the brothel, go to the drug lab!
Ride the pig, swallow the fortune cookie, but avoid the chimney sweep! Why? Ask the fortune teller!

Don't miss the big, the unique, the dirty, the sad, the forbidden, the happy gambling – the countdown is on!

There are a lot of players from all theatre groups of the OKeV: Wirbelsonne, Theaterfüchse, Valiata, tabularasa, Flutlicht, Tarántula, Mad Mix.


Price info

Advance booking / Evening box office: 10 €, red. 6 €
School performance: 4,50 € and teachers free. Reservations to or 0157 738 68 350




A production of Offener Kunstverein Potsdam with fabrik Potsdam.
Director: Baumgarten, Bernstein, Kuhfuhs, Thyrolf, Tront, Rüffer
Technical management: Hanck, Hilker with Kollektiv Schaltzentrale
Stage: Kretschmann, Weber
Costumes: Casejuane, Kowalski, Rezzolla
Music: Aßmann, Baier, Bernhardt, Herbig, Mironets, Sweetwood 
Sound: Albrand
Graphic: Gröbel
Accomplices: Gräf, Raetsch, Schlue, Schöneburg, Warnecke