Awareness through Movement 1

with Anita Twarowska  

24 Sep 2022Dance and movement

This two-part workshop series is for all people who would like to consciously attend to their body with the help of mindfulness. Experience with movement is not necessary.

Presence, naturalness, authenticity

How do we connect with the natural flow of movement? And what is an authentic way of moving?
Often during improvisation practice, uncertainty and questions arise about the look, feel and meaning of movement.
By developing trust in our own body as it is, we learn to listen to it even better and to set it in motion more freely. A certain openness and willingness to take in the information, impulses and visualisations and let them have a deeper effect develops. In this way we recognise new possibilities of movement, free from judgement, questioning and evaluation.

Part 1 (24.09.)

In the first part we dive inwards, letting ourselves be guided by the natural rhythm of the breath. Carried by the earth we explore the inner physical space and look at the structures of the body. In the process we discover where and what we can let go of and how trust arises.

Part 2 (15.10.)

In the second part we focus on the senses and perception, creating connection with the space outside our physical structures. We make contact, establish communication and open ourselves to the environment and its impulses. We engage with what is.

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