Summer Special: Strengthening Class

Workshop | with Sara Grenga  

22 Jul – 05 Aug 2021Bodyword and fitness

Sara‘s strengthening classes are designed to increase a general sense of control of the body. 

Inspired by a blend of power yoga and Pilates, sessions work on specific areas-core, glutes, legs, arms-as well as more comprehensive movement material that challenges the body as a whole. Accompanied by the wisdom of breath, let‘s go through a journey of gathering and deepening our deep mental and physical strength. 

Sara Grenga is currently in residency with the project "Too old for that s***", together with the choreografer Rachel Erdos. 

Please bring your own mat! The workshop will take place in Studiohaus. Places are limited. Online registration and payment required.

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The workshop is part of the DiR - Dance in Residence programme.