Dance and Body-Mind Centering –

Workshops series | with Odile Seitz (F/D)  

25 Jan 2020Bodyword and fitness



What is BMC®?

BMC is based on two principles: first, that the mind is inseparable from and within the body; second, that the mind can be explored and expressed through or through the body.

Through movement, touch and voice, modulation of body tone and breathing, the different body systems (skeleton, organs, fluids, nervous and immune system, glands, connective tissue, etc.) are brought to consciousness, which are connected with different states of consciousness. By focusing attention on different origins of movement, perception and motor possibilities are refined.

A central term is embodiment. It means for the practice of BMC that for the description of psychological, mental and spiritual phenomena a language is needed which has a physical basis and therefore serves to convey the experiences and learning goals on a physical basis. Anatomical, physiological and evolutionary findings of science are reconstructed in experience and extended by findings from experience.

Body-Mind Centering was developed more than 30 years ago by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. The American at that time was a dancer, occupational therapist and trained in movement analysis according to Laban. She is one of the youngest pioneers of the somatic field. She drew her discoveries from the practice of Katsugen Undo (a Japanese practice of authentic movement), yoga, craniosacral therapy, martial arts and meditation. Human embryology has been her central field of research in recent years.



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