Martine Pisani (F) // Fabrice Lambert (F)

Relativité Générale – rien n'est établi // Faux Mouvement

In residence in August 2011

Relativité Générale - rien n'est établi

In "Relativité Générale - rien n'est établi" Martine Pisani returns to a very personal and intimate encounter. What should and can the fragile, out of balance and limited body do in this uncertain world? Pisani combines this question with a reflection on physical laws, such as the origin of the universe, the infinitely great and the infinitely small, the zero point, the negative scale, mass, speed, energy. Last but not least, she takes Einstein's theory of relativity as a starting point for a reflection on movement in time and space.

Faux Mouvements

With his new work "Faux Mouvement" Fabrice Lambert questions what seems natural and therefore true. He wants to arouse a doubt. Could what we see and what we experience only be a series of coincidences/accidents in the sense of Paul Virilio? And can a coincidence be predictable or even consciously caused? What is true and what is not true? What does truth or untruth look like on stage? Lambert sets out in search of the point at which a movement becomes untrue.

"Étape Danse" was founded by the Institut français Deutschland/Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse and the fabrik Potsdam. For a period of two weeks, the fabrik receives two French choreographers each year. A joint working time and presentation formats in cooperation with the festival "Tanz im August" make it possible to bring the creative process into an international context and offer time for encounters with audience and experts.

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